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Why did we decide to join Envision Insurance Group?

There are a number of reasons why we made the decision to sell the agency, but the main reasons are listed below.


1) Finding quality help has been an ongoing problem.

In case you have not noticed, we have been slower to respond and it is taking longer to get things processed than in the past.  Like many small businesses, we have had a hard time finding quality workers that want to work in the office.  You may have seen a couple emails or Facebook to our customers in an effort to find workers.  We are a small office of five (5) when we are at full staff, but we have rarely been at that level over the last three years.  This has put a great deal of extra work, stress, and strain on those of us that are here.  Envision Insurance Group is a larger independent agency with more resources that will allow us to return to better servicing levels.  Envision has approximately 45-50 employees in Peoria, Morton, Galesburg, and Decatur.  

2) The insurance industry is changing.

I am sure many of you have opened your premium bills and noticed significant rate increases.  While we want to help, this is hitting the entire industry so there are not a lot of options to move your insurance business right now.  There are some insurance carriers that have closed their doors to new business, non-renewed entire lines of business, or tightened underwriting requirements that make it difficult to write new policies.  We have been blessed that our insurance carriers have not closed their doors to new business, but all of our insurance carriers have taken significant rate increases due to higher loss ratios.  This is due to increases in claims experience, higher labor costs, and higher material costs.  All of these things have created the perfect storm causing claim costs to increase significantly which forces insurance companies to increase premiums.    

3) We wanted to have a better insurance experience for our customers.

Envision Insurance Group and Nixon Insurance Agency share many of the same insurance carriers.  Plus, we will now have access to a few more insurance carriers that we did not have in the past.  We have been short staffed and struggling to keep up with your needs.  By joining Envision Insurance Group, we have the ability to reach more insurance markets and have more people to support your insurance needs.                       


Why did we partner with Envision Insurance Group?

1) We wanted to join another local independent agent.  We had no desire to join a brokerage firm and lose our community feel.  Envision is a local independent agent based in central Illinois with offices in Peoria, Morton, Galesburg, and Decatur and serves the same geographic footprint where Nixon Insurance Agency operates.  

2) Envision Insurance Group offers more insurance markets which we hope will provide our customers more opportunities to keep premium rates reasonable in this time of higher premiums across the insurance industry. 

3) Envision represents a majority of the insurance carriers that Nixon Insurance Agency represents.  For a majority of you, this change will be seamless as your documents will simply update your servicing agent from Nixon Insurance Agency to Envision Insurance Group.  However, If your insurance is affected by the ownership change, we will be reaching out to you individually to let you know what we are doing to help you in your transition to Envision Insurance Group.

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