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Term Life vs. Whole Life Infographic

Think of you and your family first when it comes to the ultimate protection– Health and Life Insurance.

Nixon Insurance is here to guide you in the right direction in building a comprehensive health, disability and/or Life Insurance that meets all your needs. Life Insurance protects against the unexpected, including a sick family member, loss of income due to an accident or a family member passing away unexpectedly.

More than likely, you will live a long and healthy life, but what if the unexpected happens?  Life insurance can be used in so many way to protect your family, debt protection, estate planning, charitable giving, and/or business continuation.  These can be difficult questions and conversations to have, but an agent with Nixon Insurance Agency can help you with your Life Insurance decision. 

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

The appropriate amount of Life Insurance coverage will vary from person to person.  Some people only want enough Life Insurance to provide for their final expenses.  Others want to provide enough Life Insurance to provide for the replacement of lost income.  Still others have additional Life Insurance needs such as paying off their mortgage, paying off debt, providing for college tuition.  Determining the right amount of Life Insurance can be difficult.  An agent with Nixon Insurance Agency can assist you in assessing your individual needs.


What Types of Life Insurance is Right for You?

Selecting the right Life Insurance can be confusing, but you can make the process easier by speaking to a Life Insurance agent.  An agent with Nixon Insurance Agency can sit down with you, answer insurance-related questions and help you learn the ins and outs of the different types of Life Insurance.  When the time comes to make a decision about how much and what type of life insurance to purchase, you can make an informed decision.  Life insurance comes in two main policy types:

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Permanent Life Insurance 

There are multiple options available under each policy type and each policy has different benefits.  An agent with Nixon Insurance Agency can help you determine the best policy for you based on your current needs and circumstances.


Why Term Life Insurance?

Term insurance is able to provide you a lot of coverage for a low price.  It makes sense for people who are buying life insurance to give their family financial stability in the case of an unexpected death.  It is ideal for people who need to cover a financial period for a certain period of time.  Examples of this would be providing term insurance while your children are in the household or protection for paying off a mortgage.  Be aware that once the time period is up, the policy will either cancel or significantly increase in premium.  Have an agent with Nixon Insurance Agency help you determine if term life insurance meets your needs.


Why Permanent Insurance?

Permanent insurance includes whole life and universal life insurance.  Permanent insurance is more expensive than term life insurance because it not only provides a death benefit, but cash value or accumulated value that helps sustain the policy for your entire life and may be borrowed from or used as collateral.  Permanent life policies do not expire and if setup correctly will stay at the same price for as long as you pay the premium. Have an agent with Nixon Insurance Agency help you determine if permanent life insurance meets your needs.

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