Recreational Vehicle (RV)
Do you enjoy taking your travel trailer or motor home across country or just parking it for the weekend at an area campground? You can usually put these recreational vehicles on your auto insurance policy and be adequately protected. However, if you do extensive traveling or own the land where your recreational vehicles are parked, you may need more extensive protection than your auto policy is able to provide.

fifth wheel camper.png

All Terrain (ATV)
Do you like trail riding on a 4-wheeler or dirt bike? In most cases, your homeowner's insurance policy does not protect your all-terrain vehicles (ATV) or the damage they can cause. However, there are recreational vehicle policies that do provide this important protection, protection that allows you to be worry-free while riding your ATV, enjoying the great outdoors.

Boat Insurance
Leave your worries on the shore and enjoy the water! Whether fishing, cruising, waterskiing or just parking and floating, we can provide a variety of coverage options that can protect your boat, personal watercraft, trailer and equipment, as well as yourself.

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