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Why you do what you do?

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Why do you do what you do?  That is a good question that doesn’t get asked very often. Why are we in the insurance business?  Is it for the money?  Is it for something to do?  Why would you pick the insurance industry?  Sure, it’s nice to get a paycheck, but even more satisfying is helping someone in their time of need. 

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Why do you do what you do?

Making sure that things go right through the process.  Making sure the economic loss you can’t afford to lose was transferred to someone else.  Making sure the economic loss you do suffer is at a minimum.  Any insurance agent can sell you a policy for a premium.  If you are happy with that, that’s okay, as long as you know the risks.  We would rather explain how to transfer your risk, give you options, and let you make the decision.  There is no insurance policy that will provide absolute coverage of your assets.  We want to make sure that you are happy with your part of the risk.

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