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Most of us have a routine

Most of us have a routine when we get to work.  Get a cup of coffee (or tea, or water).  That’s the first thing on the list.  Greet your co-workers, start your computer, check your phone for emails, and get started on your day.  My routine goes like this: I bring my coffee, so I don’t have to get any, start my computer; sort my mail; organize my desk;  retrieve the download from the companies; match the policy numbers to the customer that the system couldn’t find; print the download email; export, sort, and print the unbilled policy lists; distribute the unbilled policy lists; check my suspense; check the Alerts for any policies that need attention; read the emails for three email addresses; sort and distribute the emails; record the payments to the companies; record the payments to our office; and finally, I can start my day.  Whew!  Oh, yeah, I forgot, I need to retrieve the morning faxes from the web site and check our Facebook account……Hmmm…..what else am I forgetting? 

Daily Routine depicted as a Flow Chart
Daily Routine as a Flow Chart

When you get into a routine and that routine gets interrupted, do you have a hard time getting back into your work mode?  It is not easy.  When someone changes your routine, do you have a hard time with it?  Change is not always easy.  You make think it is more work, when actually, most of the time; it is just a reorganization of what you do in a more efficient way.  Change.  Try it, you might like it.  Keep an open mind as things are always changing around you.

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